Monday, February 25, 2008

Happy Birthday GW!

What a party we had the other night with our friends the Matteos!! We finally got to have them over for a dessert night, but decided to do it George Washington-style, since it did just happen to be his birthday that day. We had a big fat ice cream buffet bar, eat as much and creatively as you like, but don't forget to celebrate George in the midst of the party. Will had some fantastic facts about GW, and I was all ready to sing Happy Birthday to him, but Will had ixnayed that before the party even got started. Go figure?! After we got all sugared-up, the girls sent the boys off to a RHS basketball game and we crafted till our little hearts were content. These 3 gals were pros from the racing gates! They stepped up to the necklace-soldering table, like they'd already been at it for years. Emma even did her own solder job (even braved a hot solder iron burn), as shown below and both she and Grace picked out just fantabulous designs for their own soldered art necklaces. I was SO proud of both of them for their hard work and creativity! Mama Tachan got to make her own creation for her sis and there were smiles all around by the end of the party. Not sure if that was pleasure with the workshop or still rejoicing over George's bday, but either way, it was a party and a half!! Thanks George for giving us a reason to celebrate together, we honor you! And thanks friends for braving another Irwin adventure! We can't wait till the next president's bday party!

Grace and the protective gear! There were no fumes gettin' into that wee nose!

Emma & Tachan diligently working...

Check out this brave Emma girl!

The masterpieces dangling from their beautimous necks!
"For we are God's masterpiece." -Ephesians 2:10
Not only are we His masterpieces, His creative works of art, made by His skilled and perfect hands of love, but He enables us to try our hands, by His gifting and abilities, to create our own little works of art. Isn't that a trip?! Love it!
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Serenity said...

Love it! Still need to get some name ornaments for the kiddos. I would love one for each of them to hang over their little bunk in the RV! Shall we start brainstorming?
love you