Friday, August 29, 2008

Almost here!!!!



simmie flock said...

Kellie gave me your update concerning things starting about a week ago (bedrest, etc.).

Darren and I are praying for you to be filled with peace knowing Father Jesus is orchestrating the entire event! (tomorrow's big day!)

Little Anna is going to introduce her perfect little self in the exact way our perfect Lord wills! How exciting! She's going to be beautiful...She is your and Will's good and perfect gift from Above! And she'll always hold a special place in your hearts as being the first arrow of the Irwin's quiver.

We'll continue in prayer...Darren is standing firm in his prayers for Will becoming the spiritual leader to another Irwin, his daughter (wow!). And I am bolding approaching His throne on your behalf to be the Godly example to Anna the Lord desires you to be!

We're excited and eager for news!
Get ready for something that's going to change your lives, your love and your relationship with Jesus...
Love you!

KiaBia said...

Praying that you have a safe and fast delivery!