Thursday, August 7, 2008

Could I get a little more pink in my world?! I was just wondering.

Here's a few more of the pink beautifying action going on in the nursery.
I told my mom the other day we need to expand our horizons to a few more shades in the rainbow!
I've never been a pinky girl myself, so have therefore have NEVER been surrounded by so much in my life.
The raspberry and lime are definitely balancing it all out for me!
It's amazing how much stuff these wee ones come with, it's a whole package deal isn't it?!

My mama found the clothesline bedding set--LOVE IT! It has all different fibers for the embellishments on the set. And it's all one of our first agreements on decor style, I am for sure becoming my mother, ha!!

Gramma June also found this potting bench at a little boutique and then had the idea of converting it into the changing table and we then customized it a little more with some vinyl letters. Gramma's definitely been the mastermind behind the majority of this nursery. She even created that little circular scrap album for me to fill up (as she knows I'll never start one of my own. I'm all about the pre-made ones.) Thanks mama for all your hard work!!!

Garage sale find for the glider rocker and then my HANDY-man Will made me the ottoman, according to very picky specifications. Oh what patience he has with me! The pad on top was one of my first upholstery creations--thanks to my friend Vi, giving me refresher sewing courses and my new machine from my mom & Will for the big 3-0 bday!!!! What a blast it's been to be creating for my wee one. I'm lovin' these labors-o-love! ( you see that adorable pillow on the chair with Anna's name stitched onto it? That would be from my dear Amy, who labored over this pillow for our loved little Anna too.)

And the most labored and loved over project in the nursery, Gramma June's first gramma-sewing project for Anna. This little chenile, very detailed jacket was made for Anna's 1st winter (she even created and sewed the flower on the pocket!) Yes, my mama is amazing and deserves many props!!!

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simmie flock said...

Stop...please stop already!
I want another one!

I want another "one"...not a "fifth" one...just another "one"! :)

But seriously, the stuff you guys are in the midst of is all part of what I've been pouring out onto you as far as it being a "time you'll cherish forever". It really isn't ONLY about the birth, (even though that's the most important part!)

But when you guys reflect back 10 years from now, or even have another child someday, all that you're doing right now will come rushing back and will bring such beautiful, pure emotion with it.

God is giving you handfuls of precious, good seed right now and you and Will and many others in your family are gladly excepting them and planting them good and deep. Praise Jesus!

I can't wait to meet Anna!!!

She's gonna look so cute in all those boys clothes we gave you guys! :) hehe

Transformed said...

Wow....What a sweet little nursery. "Every good and perfect gift comes from above." Isn't it neat how our Father loves giving us "extras", just to bless us.

Captivated said...

looking beauty. it'll be such a sweet sanctuary as you sit with anna for hours nursing, rocking, kissing, snuggling. sigh. i can't wait!