Monday, August 18, 2008

Turnin' 30, Celebrating the Grand-Rents, and gettin' ready to be a Mama!

The big day came...and went. Don't really feel older, but did realize this only puts me a couple weeks out now, from meeting my wee one. WOW! Just a couple of big milestones in a couple of short weeks! Funny how quickly life can change, isn't it? (and now I am officially 6 weeks older than Will, and in my 30's, while he is still in his 20's...think I've heard about that a few times? ya, just a few) My mom and dad created a tropical oasis on their back deck with tiki torches and all, knowing that my dream was to be celebrating this bday on the Hawaiian islands. I think it was the gardenia in my hair that definitely topped it all off and helped me to enter into the tropical atmosphere with it's intoxicating scent. Mmmm, love that tropical flora!

So, as my parents were thinking they were having a birthday night for me, all along, I was planning a celebrate-the-grandparents night for them! We invited a slew of their friends over to shower them with love, grandparently wisdom and a new digital camera! There's never enough reasons to party down, ya know?!

They were each given crowns to waer wtih Proverbs 17:6 on it, reminding them that their little Anna that is about to arrive, is their CROWNING GLORY!

We are SO grateful for all the love AND baby goods that Grampa and Gramma have showered down on us, so it was time to return a little of the love. We love you guys!

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Captivated said...

i love that you have such a devoted love for everyone around you, krystal! you are definitely exercising your gift of hospitality at all times. it's so gooooooood to call you friend, to call you friend.