Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New news on the Irwin front...

You might want to click on the collage (below the commentary) to see them in larger style, but here's a few recent shots, of the new news at the Irwin's.
Anna is...
-Pulling herself up on everything in sight, then bending down to pick up everything underneath her, to hold while standing. She doesn't quite know her lack of coordination to do all that yet. But she's a brave one!
-Crusing around whatever firm (or not so firm) standing surface she can find.
-Sleeping better (until the recent illness of course)
-Playing with her new pink Oregon zoo monkey from Uncle Thys and Aunty Kate.
-Getting loved on from sweet buddy Noah.
-Staying with Grammy and Gramps so mama and daddy can go on a lunch date at King Estate winery! wahoo!
-Playing the piano with Uncle Thys
-Making lots of scrunched up funny faces and squealing sounds. She loves her own voice!
-Sucking her thumb all of a sudden, only sporadically.
-Spending time with buddies Jonah and Javan and Audrey and Levi and Grace and Noah.
-Biting mama and daddy's noses.
-Standing up in crib in middle of the night and hollering until someone comes to get her (she doesn't quite know the secret yet of just sitting herself back down.) :(
-Getting ready to move into a new house (the foundation was finally started last week!)
-Pulling off anyone's glasses that come near her with a quick flip of the wrist. She's sneaky.
-Playing with Horton, who she is just finally getting bigger than.
-Being proud of her daddy, Pastor Will, who performed his 2nd wedding this month! And has his 3rd next month!
-Finally healed up from her first major head injury from mobility. It took a week for that nasty bruise to clear up. :(
-Wearing cool chica pink shades.
-Enjoying discovering her tongue and all the fun things it can do.
-Getting dressed by daddy sometimes (note the 2 different shoes and diaper with a green top and red headband---this isn't allowed to often, ha!)
-Getting her first baby doll (with wild and crazy bedhair hair like hers and bright blue eyes, it's her mini-me!)
-Peeing all over daddy (oops, should have put the diaper on before she crawled on your lap daddy)
-Loving her new and expanded buffet bar diet...bananas the most, she's her daddy's girl!
-Getting in Sadie (the black lab's) face. Sadie knows exactly how many inches to stay away to not get mauled.
-Putting her feet up on the table and kickin' back at a fancy meal at Dino's (don't think the owners were too happy about that, ha!)
-Rolling around on the floor lots with Gramps, her favorite mountain to climb.
-Driving the car with daddy.
-Being very successful with a lovely pincer grasp and picking up and eating every last dust fleck on the floor.
-Still hating car rides for any extended period of time, or when tired or when hungry, or when.......
-Growing more hair so she can wear pretties in her hair.
-Walking with hands to help.
-Crawling in and playing in her toy baskets.
-And last but VERY much not least...surviving a 102.8 fever for 2 days on and off, and crazy twitching from the fever and puking, now resulting in a big fat double ear infection, a barking cough and a really stuffed up nose. Poor girl. She's on meds and on the mend as we speak. Pedia pops tended to be her new fave treat (or treatment I mean)!
WHEW, I think that covered it all!!!

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