Monday, June 29, 2009


(A-bug practicing her hula hands in her sleep at 2.5 weeks old!)

Hula is already runnin' thick thru these baby veins (as pictured above from September of '08 and in the video below from tonight.)
I seriously have hardly even shown her how to do her hula hands, and she has watched her other lil hula bff practicing the hula hands a couple of times, but A-bug just busted these out tonight as I was doing them at dinner time, singing "Little Brown Girl" to her. So hillarious! It's amazing how much she's picking up and sponging in, just watching us. I must still do my hula hands and moves more often than I think!
We only caught the 2nd time thru tonight on tape, which wasn't as whole hearted as the 1st time thru, but she was so proud of herself after she was done the 1st time (probably because I was jumping up and down going crazy that she did it and hollering at daddy to break out the video cam) that she broke out into applause for herself. It takes her a minute to catch on again to the dance we're performing together, AND the camera is a wee bit of a distraction (or maybe she's gonna hate stage performance and being in front of people like her mama too, Sharon!) so be patient with her. She gives you a little taste at least!

I'm still dying laughing every time I watch it. She must know that she's already in training, as mama did polynesian dancing on and off from ages 5 to 25...and she's up next!!!

Look into her future Sharon (our hula teacher) and friends too...


Simone said...

Yeah for Hula hands! I baby after my own heart. :)


Kia said...

She is a serious hula girl! Too cute!

Anonymous said...

so, so sweet!

the Matteos:)

Captivated said...

aw! so cute!!!!

GeekyTogether said...

How exciting! Someday, I hope to have a baby ballerina around here, too, but we're happy to settle for a baseball star right now!

H3LiX said...

So so soooo adorable! I watched it like 5 times! That is seriously amazing!'s funny how much babies really do pick up from us. And Mama has a pretty voice, too! :)