Wednesday, February 24, 2010

God is LOVE...

Praise Him Praise Him, All You Little Children
God is LOVE
God is LOVE

and the verses go on...
We listen to this song every morning (mostly she and daddy b/c morning time, is their time--mama would hate to get outta bed and interrupt THEIR time ;)) on the cd that A-bug's great-grandma Susie (GG) got her for Christmas. GG will be happy to know (if she ever gets to read this, thanks to Uncle Evert!!) that the little bug has already been extracting spiritual truth from this song in particular, as the other morning proved to be true.
A-bug is still learning many signs to go along with her spoken language and the one she often uses is "love" to reply to us when we tell her we love her. Point being, she knows the true meaning of the sign when she speaks it to us daily (well, on her own timetable at least.)
So the other morning, when daddy had to leave for work earlier than usual and mama had to drag her tired buns outta bed for wake-up routine, my heart was blessed more than I ever could have imagined it would have been in my stumbling half-awoken stupor.

Every time the chorus "God is Love" comes on, A-bug loves to do her "love" sign along with the singing. Only this time she put a new spin on it. When the chorus stopped, and their was a brief transition before the next verse came on, she put her hands down from her last "love" sign, and you could see her little wheels spinning. She quickly re-did her sign for "love" and this time looked at me and said "GOD!" (more like "Dod" in Anna-speak) with her sign, like she was ecstatic with herself for figuring this out!! As is my daily occurrence with her lately, I just sat dumbfounded, staring at her, as my mama eyes and heart welled up fully. Did she really know the depths of the truth she just spoke to her mama and over herself?! That Love is of God and God is Love???!!! The love truths spoken all throughout the book of First John?! Probably not. But it proved to me that He really can reveal spiritual things to the minds and hearts of these wee ones if we'll foster an environment of truth being spoken over them--He even has the power to do it, if we don't. Truth rings loudly in their hearts folks, whether they know and understand it fully, or not. She is living, breathing proof!! No wonder Jesus said, let the little ones come to Him. He truly has perfected praise out of the mouths of babes. Let's take time to listen more closely to their little mouths and hearts!! He speaks volumes out of them, if we do--even if it's in sign form.

(My desperate effort of proof, begging her to repeat her sign.

Why don't they ever perform on command?!)

My heart's prayer is that as every little and big girl needs to be reminded of daily, sometimes even moment-by-moment, she will KNOW that she knows that she knows this much is true, for the rest of her days on earth...that Love is GOD and God IS LOVE. And nothing can separate her from Him or the depths of His love for her personal little heart.

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