Tuesday, February 9, 2010

“Gooh Guhl”

Good Girl Anna, thank you for putting away your toys…DSC_0259

Good girl Anna, you found a leaf!! IMG_0032

Good girl Anna, you’re learning to stack!!!DSC_0270

Good girl Anna, thank you for putting away your puzzle!


She must be hearing it a lot right now, and man was I thankful to hear that she doesn’t only hear “NO Anna, No” in her little eardrums and heart at all times. I must be doing something right being home with her ALL day long if she’s not just hearing her No-No Nazi Mama hollering to not touch one more No-No item or step away from another No-No activity in the house. That must mean that she is also hearing the things to do in life, not only the things NOT to do in her little toddling world. I think it’s one of those things you can’t even know until you get here, because I never would have known the intensity and challenges of toddler parenting on a day to day basis! So it warmed my heart the other night when the hubbs and I returned home from date night to hear from the grand-rents that A had been saying “Gooh Guhl” all night long after doing something she knew she should be proud of and we would be pleased with!

Thank you Lord for speaking grace through us, despite our stumblings as newbie parents, over this precious soul. May her foundation always be built upon the rock of her value, security, confidence and unique giftedness in You. And may she also learn early that her righteousness and goodness exists in You alone.

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Kia Gregory said...

Oh my goodness! What a gooh guhl! Ahhh, we'll be up in June and I fully expect to spend a little time with Miss Sassypants.