Saturday, February 13, 2010

It’s all about the Baybees!

DSC_0318 Notice the wee little “baybees” below the little Bug’s right knee while she’s playing picnic and blowing bubbles at the same time (she’s quite the multi-tasker)?! That’s what we’re ALLLL about right now in this home. The baybee, baybee, baybee, baybees, in whatever form they happen to come in. These 2 happen to be the $1.00 specials from the Walmart doll aisle. She was lugging around a couple of baybees at home that were 3/4 her size and mama decided it was due time to invest in a couple of baybees for the real live toddling baybee girl. I was thinking it would be oh-so-smart of mama to buy 1 baybee for the car and 1 baybee for the home. But oh no, this real live toddling baybee-lovin baybee wouldn’t be having that for one second. If one baybee is by her side, she’s practically distraught signing “more” and hollering “more more baybee” until the other one is back in it’s rightful home, the crook of her elbow. She even refused to go to bed without them the other night. That was another one of those battles mama felt was totally unnecessary to pick. She went to bed with the baybees. Both of them.

But something more deeply important and precious than just seeing my baybee’s mama instincts already kicking in has been shining through the last week, anytime she peers over to her shelf where her toddler-style-board-book  Bible lies. “BAYbee, BAYbee!!” she cries, desperate to dig into that book and find the 2 special baybees featured in this condensed toddler-version of the Bible. Baybee Moses and Baybee Jesus. And because hey, why would we stop this baybee from wanting to read her Bible already, at anytime, for whatever reason? So, we almost always plop down, with her in lap, crashing into the book, to briskly turn the chunky cardboard pages, to first arrive at page 10 with Baybee Moses in his basket and then the last 1/4 of the book with the multiple pictures of Baybee Jesus in his manger and growing into a toddling young boy. She loves animals and she could care less as she passes by each page with 15 per page available for the viewing, because she just has to get to the Baybees. And when she arrives, she just sits, and stares, and smiles, and declares “Baybee!” And if she’s in a really good mood that day, she even leans forward and kisses those Baybees, right on the face. And then when she’s done, after just sitting in awe of the last page of Baybee Jesus, she shuts the book, stands, says and signs “all done” and walks it back to the shelf. She got her Baybee from the Bible fix for the moment, and now it’s on to the next task to complete in her toddling whirlwind style.

She doesn’t even have a clue of the depths of truth she is speaking to this mama’s heart. Cuz isn’t that what a big fat chunk of the whole gospel is about. That HE came. As a Baybee. God with us. Immanuel. To save the world, whoever chooses to believe in Him, and what He did on the cross. God sure does “choose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise, and the weak things of the world to shame the strong.” And He also chose the baybees around us to speak these truths most purely and succinctly to our hearts.

And Jesus said to them,

"Yes. Have you never read,

'Out of the mouth of “baybees” and nursing infants

You have perfected praise'?”

–Matthew 21:16

And I want to be like my little bug with her just-like-Mary heart. Begging to dive into my Bible, desperate to get to the pages that speak to me of Him coming as a Baybee, to be God with us, both then and now. To sit in awe of the pictures and truths I glean of Him as I pore over the pages. Even her sweet little kisses, I want my heart to worship and love and adore Him like that too.

I love the innocence and the newness and freshness I can receive if I’m willing to slow down enough to watch her…and learn more about Him, in the process too. Thank goodness God knows right where us busy mamas are and still meets us where we’re at, with patient love and precious truths through the ones we love the most.

Praying even now, for more of these moments of slow and sweet truth-absorbing times to consume my days.


The Nester said...

Your baybee loving baybee is totally precious, we could all learn a thing or two from her.

heart you.

Mrs. K said...

"Begging to dive into my Bible, desperate to get to the pages that speak to me of Him coming as a Baybee, to be God with us, both then and now. To sit in awe of the pictures and truths I glean of Him as I pore over the pages."

This is a great reminder. Reminds me of a discussion between my husband and 8 year old son this week. Son was *so* upset his best friend couldn't come over he was in tears. Husband said "When is the last time we had this much heartbreak because we couldn't attend church or read our Bible?" It was a message that spoke right to my heart.